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Making love with the camera tutorial.

So I have decided to teach you some few tips I know on how to end up with a really good picture.
Most of the times I just use the camera's self-timer when taking self shots and if you're going to ask me what camera I'm using, well I have my cheap android tablet's front facing camera (which is a 2.0MP btw, pretty low quality I know) and a Fujifilm digicam. I like to think that I'm a model and a photographer in one.
There are some cases that only me can understand things, especially the camera angles, photo shoot theme, the model's pose, the styling, and etc. So if anyone doesn't get what I have in mind then that's the time I work alone.

Anyways before going into action I'm going to first tell you the secret on how to look good at pictures.

  1. Think of the location or the venue where you're going to spend some time. If it's an open ground you should keep in mind what time you're going to have your shoot, pick between mornings or before sundown. Mahirap magconduct ng shoot kung maaraw, well there is an advantage though. You'll get enough sunlight that you wouldn't even need to use your lightings, less hassle diba? Kaso you'll get sunburn naman. Wear something comfortable if ikaw ang photog. Yung makakagalaw ka ng ayos and yung presko. And if your location is just your room and you just converted it as a mini studio, know how to maximize your surroundings. Make that little space, huge! 
  2. Look at the mirror first before you make love to the camera. Check kung oily yung skin, kung kailangan pa magretouch, kung may dumi sa muka, or etc. It's a waste of time kung after makuha yung shot eh may madedetect na something sa muka tapos it turns out that shot would have been perfect kung hindi nga lang sa something na iyon. You can't have the same perfect shot twice. Kaya wala ka dapat sinasayang na frame or shot and besides siguro naman ayaw mong maging kahihiyan right? Hehe!
  3. Make faces. Well depending on your theme. But seriously, modeling isn't always about having a serious face. Sabi nga ni Tyra Banks, "Smize with your eyes.". Minsan kailangan din nating magloosen up. Mahirap kung puro same set of face mood lang ang ibibigay mo, you should give different variety of faces, be versatile. Lalo na paglimited lang yung time. I personally like yung candid shots, for example habang nakikipagusap ka kung kanino, natawa, nakain, something na stolen moment. Minsan kasi mas genuine yung shot pagstolen, so nasasayo nadin kung ikaw yung photographer kung kukuhanan mo siya ng candid shots.

That's it I guess. I mean I have told everything i know, I think I may have forgotten something but I'll just make another blog post. And btw, those 3 tips I gave is meant for both model and photographer in one like me. But it'll help you anyways. I'm just an aspiring one so don't expect too much from me. I haven't got some high fashion shots yet since my DSLR was stolen a year ago. It sucks bigtime but for the mean time I'll just have to stick with what I have. Honestly, this post was supposed to be a joke. The title suggests it but since school starts tomorrow I have to make this one pretty decent since I'm guessing that I'm going to be pretty busy now. This is the picture that I took earlier I had fun playing with gradients.

Candid shot of mine. I have a good set of teeth, Hehe!!

 Keep in mind that a good photo should have a good lighting,
well depending on the type of shoot of 

 Me trying to seduce the camera!lol!

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