Lunes, Mayo 20, 2013

It isn't too late to get sun burned skin Summer is still here. Since the Close Up Summer Solstice I haven't enjoyed my summer vacation. Luckily my highschool friends decided that we should have an out of town summer outing and after a long debate on where beach to go we ended up at Pagbilao, Quezon.
I was the one who suggested Kwebang Lampas, I made a research about it and after finding out that it has some fine white sands I know that that is the place i wanted to go.
Aside from the bonding with my batchmates one of the reason I wanted to go there is because of blogging purposes. I want to showcase Philippines at its best.

I wasn't that stoked the day before yesterday(May 18, day of the outing) since we will be on the roads for long hours. I'm not kidding when I say the beach is pretty far it took us 4 hours to get there. I'm not good with giving directions but I know that we took the route via Caliraya to get to Lucena and from there we just let the driver get us to where we are going.

                                                            Lake Caliraya
Route via Caliraya

 Went to Brgy.Polo at Pagbilao, Quezon since that is the only way to get to Kwebang Lampas. You'll know you're near if you saw a really tall power plant that looks like a cigarette, lol to that. Sabi ng mga kasama ko muka daw Marlboro red eh. That is the only landmark that I know.

Hindi lang pala siya mukang yosi, muka din pala siyang lighthouse. It's pretty tall so it's impossible to find. Just look out for this tall power plant and ask for directions if ever you feel like you're getting lost.
It is a huge relief after seeing this, we are all so glad we thought we're lost already. That 4 hours of sitting made my butt sore. 

  They're busy making their self busy. A 4hour ride can get pretty boring!

   Smile naman jan kuya!
So getting there can be really tiring but once we set our foot on land, our exhaustion was easily replaced by excitement. Who wouldn't get excited by a boat ride? Yes that's right, before you can get to the actual island you will need to ride a boat first. Isn't that cool? Though the boat ride costs 20php we didn't cared since we all want to get it over with and just get to the beach. And to make you're vacation hassle free I suggest that you bring little as possible because after the boat ride you will have to walk 5-10 mins, this is perfect for those who seek adventure. Trekking after the boat ride is fun! So as we're walking I whined most of the time since I'm carrying a lot of stuffs. If you're worrying that you might get lost at the trekking then worry not, there are trails going to Kwebang Lampas and there are signage also. 


 This is not Kwebang Lampas yet. Isn't it a beauty? This will welcome you after your boat ride. This beauty is only the side of the beach so a walk is needed to get to the other side.

The trail that leads to Kwebang Lampas.

As I said earlier, a sign is visible in the area.

 This is the hardest part of the trekking!

Welcome to Kuebang Lampas!

There is an entrance fee of 100php plus the 20php for the boat ride. Oh before I forgot, 50php is the regular fee and the 100php is for the overnight stay fee. A mini sari-sari store is located near the entrance where you can pay. There are cottages also that cost 350php but putting up a tent is much more enjoyable than renting a cottage.

Anyways, getting back to the beach part. The beach is really beautiful, very reserved and peaceful. Though the beach can get crowded, when nightime falls umuunti din yung tao. The water is crystal clear and very warm. I don't know the scientific explanation how the water can be warm, I wish it was more cold since the weather is hot already. The island is not that big so you should come as early as possible to score a spot on the beach. We found an old cottage that is stripped and only the wood support is available not even the roof is still intact, we don't mind that it doesn't have a roof since we only just need the woods. We used it as a columns to secure our tent. My friend's tent pegs are missing so we tied it instead to the old cottage.
As they were busy putting up the tent I was also busy roaming the beach. I found out that there is a grotto near the cave too bad a tourist blocked the view with their tent. 
The sand is white and super fine. I enjoyed walking at the sand it kinda tickles my feet.
 Fine white sand

Kwebang Lampas
Crystal clear water


Thumbs up!

                                                       Old cottage being put to use

 Fine white sand and corals

This is how fine the sand is.

A local tourist gave us this Blue starfish. Found it at the bottom of the sea.

There are restrictions inside the beach. No bonfire allowed during nigh time, Strictly no liquor and foods near the waters, No grilling or cooking near the waters also. Well that's just some of the restrictions I know, we are not into breaking rules you know. The only thing that bummed me out is the no bonfire part, pero pwede naman daw magihaw ng gabi, wag lang daw malakas yung apoy. Baka umiiwas lang sila sa sunog? lol Since there are no electricty in the island you have to improvise your light but no bonfire. Good thing we brought a "lampara". It is pretty creepy when it's dark, can't even swim far. Feels like there are sea creatures in the ocean. I'm such a pussy! 

Before dark

Good thing it isn't crowded, got to score this pretty good shot of Kwebang Lampas

 My friends at the background

 Some driftwoods that I found, perfect for making fire.

Kuyang driver, Lhen, and Chesca

 Hello Night time

 Night swimming, they're not scared of the sea creatures! HAHA

 Before I forgot there are dogs, but they're harmless.

 Isaw at Dugo! Yum!


It was hard getting some sleep because of frequent itching since I didn't washed(banlaw) after being soaked in the salt water and because of mosquitoes! Damn, good thing we brought some katol. Well the reason kung bakit hindi ako nakapag banlaw, it's because I feel like the C.R. in the island isn't safe and the water isn't free. It costs 50 per drum of water. Too expensive don't you think?
Pero dun sa pinagparkingan namin, yung place bago sumakay ng boat ride, they also cater "banlawan" that only costs 25php. So yeah, dun kami nagbanlaw before going home.
So before heading home and as soon as we woke up, we took another round of swim in the sea. We don't want to let the sun burn us and we're all afraid to get dark skinned that's why we swam really early. I don't want to go home without getting a clear shot of the inside of the famous Kwebang Lampas so I used a ziplock and put my camera inside it and went to the cave. Going there, you have 2 options. First, beside the cave there are stones that you can use as a path to get to the cave, the down side is the stones are pretty sharp, I mean razor sharp and it can cut. Crazy! I'm not stupid enough to get myself injured so I swam instead, thank god I know how ti swim. I even let my ziplocked camera swim with me. The inside of the cave is beautiful but the vandals on the wall ruined it naturalistic look. Irresponsible tourist trying to look cool by putting their initials on, shame on them!

 We should put a sign that says No Vandalism!

Well over all, the Kwebang Lampas is a really good place to go this summer. The place isn't that well known so it still has its reserved aura. The people here are friendly, we even jammed with a group of fellow Lagunense tourist. So If you plan on visiting Kwebang lampas make sure to tag all of your friends with you, in that way there'll be less expenses. Mas madami, mas less ang ambagan. You'll definitely enjoy your stay here! You deserve some relaxation. Take a day off, forget about your work. Enjoy summer while it lasts.

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