Linggo, Mayo 19, 2013

Barong and Bow Tie

So I really don't like wearing Barong Tagalog I know it's a Filipino formal wear and that I should wear one too since I'm a full blooded pinoy but Barong's doesn't suit me well. Last friday, May 17 I had to make an exemption.
The month of May is the month of flowers hence it is called "Flores de Mayo". It's a tradition here in the Philippines wherein we offer flowers to Mama Mary at the church's altar and in our province that is an annual thing.
Each barangay/street name is assigned two Cabecillo's and Cabecilla's. They are the one who is responsible for the color motif , they are the one who asks their kapwa kabaranggay na mag-alay, and sila din yung nagbibigay ng snacks after ng alay. (I'm after the snacks that's why I volunteered as an escort! Lol joke lang guys!)
So to make the long story short, a friend of mine asked me to be her escort, at first I was hesitant because that means I have to wear Barong and walk/parade in our town but I didn't had a choice since I don't want her to go alone.
Since barong doesn't suit me I used my styling power to make it work.

I used my DIY Bow tie necklace to add some details on my look

                                                          at St. Peter Of Alcantara Parish

                                                      My beautiful cousin and her escort


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