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Close Up Summer Solstice 2013:One Epic Night

Close Up's Summer Solstice really made history last night, April 27, 2013. I was so glad that I got to party at the Summer Solstice that took place at the Mall Of Asia concert grounds. And I'm also glad that Close Up shared this with me, if it wasn't for their twitter contest I wouldn't be there last night. They gave me 2 free Gold/Gen.Ad. tickets. Isn't that awesome? I have to say Close Up is really generous.

Upon arriving at the venue I didn't really know which way to go. The entrance at the front are blocked by barriers. I asked some security guards where to go but they're sure not helpful. If not for my adventure skills(pagiging gala), I wouldn't have found the way to get through those barriers. You see I have to be at the venue early since I have to claim my tickets. It is not cool being alone, I'm a very shy person  so it took a huge gut to ask some random persons as to how I can claim my tix. I could have walked inside the venue already after claiming the tix but no, I had to wait for a friend that took her almost an hour and a half so we pretty much missed the first act which is Urbandub. I really love that band and not seeing them sucks.

We lauckily caught the next band which is Spongecola and I'm a fan. I don't really like local bands but they are different, their songs are cool. We were just in time to see Yael, the lead singer when he did the "crowd surfing" thing. I thought those thing happens only in movies or MTVs but I was wrong. I find it really amazing how the fans carried Yael, I was a bit jealous. They got so close to him. Anyways after Spongecola I got really bored. I'm not a fan of Sandwhich eh, but i sang along with them. Yun nga lang hindi ko alam yung ibang kanta kaya nabored ako. 
Sandwhich playing Betamax I think??

Raimund Marasigan, lead vocalist of Sandwhich!

After the local bands, up next was the foreign ones. I was pretty stoked at that time, I was fucking excited to see Cobra Starship and Afrojack! But when Jumpsmokers came out and play, men, they really started the real party. Even though I have my backpack on plus the camera in front of me with so many people, partying at that time was so fucking hard. It was hard to move but I didn't care. I told my self "I'm here to party". Anyways, I didn't know Jumpsmokers before, I heard some mixes before but that's it. So when they started playing I was stoked again! They're mixes are neat. They made me jump, shout, and dance. And it was nice hearing that the DJ is a filo, he goes by the name Flipside. Rave on people!!

 Party ppeople dancing to Jumpsmokers!

 Hands up Ramon!

 Let me see your hands up!

I was wowed by how great Jumpsmokers was. I literally sweat my pants out out there. It was so fucking hot that my sweat is non stop. Dancing didn't helped much and caused a lot more sweat. But fuck that was one of the best of the night! The Jumpsmokers debuted their new single "Manila Anthem". You should check it out on youtube guys, you'll love it! The music is so great you can't help but rave to the beat. I think it was just around 9PM when they finished playing and I tell you, I was beat tired already. We weren't even halfway through and I'm tired already, what's wrong with me? 

I wasn't paying much to my surroundings but there are so many good looking(I'm such a perv!lol!) I was kinda sad that I didn't struck any conversations with them and made new friends. What a mistake. No worries because Dev is freaking hot. Though I didn't enjoyed much of her songs, I only danced to Like a G6, Bass Down Low,& Booty bounce. Because that is the only song of her that I know! But it was still fun partying with her. Also her second voice girl is damn pretty!

 Hot isn't she?

We were about to leave the concert grounds to get some foods coz we're starving as hell but as soon as Cobra Starship came out we decided against it. Hey I'm a fan of Cobra for about 4 years now. I'm inlove with Gabe Saporta he is so cool. I used to dream about Cobra before, meeting them in person or going to one of their concerts. You can imagine how much of a fan I am. I was expecting Gabe to perform but I forgot, it was a DJ SET so no live performance for me. I was super disappointed at that time. I fucking love Cobra, and I didn't even got the chance to see them play live? What a bummer. So halfway through their DJ-ing we, my friend Lenny and I, decided to grab something to eat and just throw our frustrations to the food.


When we came back to the concert grounds my frustrations to Cobra has subsided already. It took me one heavy meal, a walk to the bay side and a lot of waters. I have never been so dehydrated in my entire life. I drunk 4 bottles of water, 1 Iced Chai Tai Latte, 1 melon float, and 1 bottle of energy drink. We mostly got bored so we went for a walk. It's just that we don't know who the artist that is playing at that time. I think it was after Apster when Afrojack played. The whole crowd went wild, even I unleashed my inner party animal. Well who wouldn't? Afrojack's music is just plain amazing. You can't stop yourself from dancing. So there is this countdown before he reveals himself. Through out that countdown I was shouting Afrojack's name while jumping and putting my hands up in the air. I have never felt more alive. Hearing those beats while doing the countdowns is crazy! I fucking love Electronic Dance Music, so hearing Afrojack hyped me up. I forgot how tired I am, how I wanted to get a drink, or how sweaty and smelly I am. Before going to the Summer Solstice, I thought it was just an ordinary concert. You sing with the people on stage, or whatever. But this one's different. It's like you're on a bar, only this time it's a much bigger bar and on an open grounds too! So i was feeling kinda cool. I see people around me getting dirty and drunk. Afrojack is super influential. His music is so damn good that you need to dance to it. Lol. Getting back to the drunk, you want to know if I had a drink? Of course! But only one cup, I was broke at that time and I can only afford one cup. But fuck it's okay, Afrojack's music is enough to get me high. I super loved it when he played, Take Over Control, As Your Friend, & Rock The House! I don't even know more what to say. The events from last night still play in my head, especially how Afrojack killed the night! 

My friend Lenny and I while waiting for Afrojack.
You can see that I'm sweating like a pig!


 I fucking love you AFROJACK!

 So this is us after Afrojack! 

This is how tired I am and how tired I look! I didn't even managed 
to adjust the focus. Lol

I really want to thank Close Up for this, I'm very sure everybody enjoyed it as much as I did. You guys really know how to throw an epic party! 12 hours of non-stop partying. You guys rock! I just hope, I mean we all hope that you make it this Summer Solstice as an annual event. Till next time guys!

And to give you an idea of what I wore last night!

 I ditched the walking shorts for pants!

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