Biyernes, Abril 26, 2013

DIY Tank Top

So who's ready to party tomorrow at the Close Up Summer Solstice? Do you have an outfit ready for tomorrow? If you don't have anything yet let me help you with that.
When going to an event you should know the theme first. You don't want to be the odd man out don't you? Since it's called the Summer Solstice you should wear a summery outfit.
Second, know where the venue is. The Summer Solstice is going to be held at MOA Concert Grounds. It's on open ground so expect that it's going to be hot. Third, always check the weather outside. If you see any clouds forming expect a downpour so you should prepare for something that will keep you dry. But hey, it's the Summer Solstice rain or shine the party continues! Imagine, dancing to the beats of Afrojack, Cobra Starship, Dev, Cedric Gervais, etc, while raining. Not that I'm wishing for it to rain. Hehe!

Anyways, since it's summer already why not wear a tank top? Tank tops are very trendy now.
If you don't own any, let me try help you by making your very own DIY TANK TOP.
I'll try to narrow down the steps, kill me if you don't understand the steps. First thing first, what you're going to need are: An old shirt, a tank top and just a pair of scissors. I apologize if I forgot to take pictures while I work on the DIY, it'll be easier if pics were taken. My fault. I just hope you understand my instructions. hehe!

1st Lay down your shirt flatly on an even surface. make sure that there are no creases
2nd Put your tank top on top of the shirt. We will use the tank top as a pattern.
3rd Using the tank top as a pattern, cut off the sleeves of the shirt. Or you could draw a mark on your shirt from the pattern of the tank top, then cut.
4th After the sleeves have been cut off, next is the neck line. Cut it low or whatever. It depends on how short or long you want the neck line should be. And Voila!

I know how lame I wrote the instructions, it's just that I'm not good at giving directions. Well I hope it helps. If you can't really understand my the instructions above, you can always email me at I'm happy to help. 
So now you have a tank top ready to wear, what about for your bottoms? You can pull off any look with a tank top. 
A walking shorts is perfect but if you prefer pants, use denim. Well it doesn't matter what type of fabric it is but be sure to pair you tank tops with a skinny or slim pants. Then rock it with a pair of loafers or vans or even leather shoes. Then get a hold of yourself with accessories then you're good to go.

Here is the photo of the Tank top that I made earlier today.

The tip about making a DIY TANK TOP is by picking the right shirt. Pick the one that has great designs. It will look great, I promise! I hope this post helps. See you at the Summer Solstice!

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