Martes, Abril 23, 2013

3 more days.

A week a go I joined a contest on Twitter. I have never pictured my self before joining an online contest I always believe that I won't win. Akala ko dati wala akong chance na manalo, syempre madaming nasali eh. I don't stand a chance.
But last week, I saw this contest. What is the prize? 2 GOLD TICKETS FOR THE CLOSE UP SUMMER SOLSTICE.
I told my self why not give it a try? And because I'm so desperate to see Cobra Starship I joined.
Luck being with me, after an hour or two, I got a tweet from CloseUp saying,
WTHEE CLAPJUANITO that's me!! You should have seen the look on my face. The first thing that came into my mind is Cobra Starship! 5 years of waiting finally I'll get a chance to see them live. Can you believe that? I've been anticipating for a Cobra concert for 5years. 
Anyways only 3 more fucking days till the Summer Solstice and I'm excited as fuck. For sure people are going to dress up, now I'm having a dilemma on what I'm going to wear.
I think I'll just wear a tank top, Ombre shorts, and a Vans. I'll just post pictures on my next blog entry.
It's summer so it'll be perfectly hot so no jackets okay. I'm going to look in my closet now. 
See you guys at the MOA Concert grounds on the 27th. WOOO 12 hours of non-stop partying, who's excited?

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