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Manila Noir
Edited by Jessica Hagedorn

The Noir anthologies was first published by Akashic Books in 2004 and was kicked of by Brooklyn Noir. Each book has different stories that is set in a certain place. Manila is one of the interesting setting in the Noir series with its number of crime rates, being one of the populous country, and one of the third-world country I mean with that, this book can be very interesting. It exploits the country but in a good way. It makes us readers realize how worse our dear country is in. The Manila Noir has 14 different story that was written by our very own Filipino writers which will take you to different places here in the Philippines to which focuses on Manila, hence the name of the book.
At first I don't understand the book, I thought Manila Noir is just a regular novel that tells story in one point-of-view only, but as I got to the introduction part, I understood that there is 14 different story compromised into one book. It is a pretty good buy guys, I for one is into short stories so I think this is a good one.

 I am fascinated with its cover. I don't why but the name Manila Noir gives me such a creep. Maybe because how the Noir sounds? Or maybe I'm just weird. But another factor that gave its eeriness is because of its black cover and the angel bust. I can't tell what exactly is in the illustration since it's dark, but I can see that it's in a suburb kind of place, the lamp posts are mirrored vertically and in the middle is the angel. It is somehow creepy you know. But it puts an edge to the book though, if it was just a plain cover maybe I wouldn't picked it in its shelve. Bought this book last Manila International Book Fair. It was on my list so I was fairly happy when I got this.

Upon reading the book, the introduction part was so interesting. It was the part where Jessica Hagedorn explained what to expect on the book. It wasn't just your ordinary intro, she tells the story of the Philippines in a much metamorphic way which will sound very intriguing. There are different stories here as I have said earlier which I will not tell, it's for you guys to find out. I will not spoil anything. But there are 3 stories which I adore. Especially this one, wherein 2 poor kids resent the way rich people treat them. Resentment over inequality is I think the main topic of this particular story. I find it heartbreaking because I didn't know that those kids feel that way, I took the story personally. I thank God for the brilliant writer who opened my eyes. This book can be really an eyeopener, have I told you that before? I don't remember but anyways that is what the book is. Though there are stories which I had difficulty reading, the english is so deepp that I had a hard time deciphering what the writer is telling, so in the end I kinda didn't understand the story, I'll reread the book to get the real stuff behind those stories that I find difficult to understand, I don't want to waste a good book. Sayang naman kung hindi ko iintindihin ng maayos yung libro diba?

I bet that you will love our country even more after reading this. It's just one of its impact to me. I don't know why so and I will not give any more explanation because I can't find one. Just read this book and maybe afterwards you'll feel the same way as I do and maybe after then you'll understand what I'm saying. Two thumbs up for this book. I hope I can get my hands on the other remaining Noir series!

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