Miyerkules, Oktubre 2, 2013

             When I was a kid whenever mom comes home from work. She will come home carrying a red box. I think there wasn't a time when mom went home without one. She spoiled me with happy meals and indeed, happy meal makes me happy back then until now.  I think that is the main reason why I always pick Mcdo over other fast food chains. I don't know, I just really love the taste of their foods.  Recently I just heard from a friend that Mcdo Philippines is bringing the red box back. Finally! A happy meal is not a happy meal without the box. Seriously guys! I'm a hugggeeee fan of Mcdo and their box was my childhood. So it is a huge deal for me that they are bringing it back.
I was the kid who never had much friends, if you can count your sister and 4 cousins as a friend, then I guess I had friends. I grew up playing with them. Nuff said. I have a collection of happy meal toys but I don't know where it is now. 
So after my class, my original plan was just to eat at the school canteen. I don;t know why my feet walked me outside the campus, I just realized I was at Mcdo when I was looking at the menu. I know some of you are now thinking that I'm weird. But I get that a lot so I'm used to it. I was about to order the usual, it was 10 am so they are serving breakfast. My usual is McMuffin and a hashbrown. And as I was skimming at the menu, I was reminded of the red box. So you can guess what happened next. I ordered a happy meal which I am very happy about it. I'm such a dork. I just ordered hamdesal because I was not sure if Mcdo Halang branch is offering the red box yet, so just to be sure I went for the cheapest meal.
I can't believe I went home with a goofy smile and a red box on my hand. I was tempted to eat there since I enjoy hanging out at the place. But there is an oncoming rain so I had to go home. Anyways, I looked at the box and it has a cut out figures. Another plus for the happy meal!
I got three toys in just one box. I happily assembled the figures. I have carelessly popped it out from the box. There are torn parts from the figures as a sign of my excitement. I really feel like I am child once more. I can't believe how Mcdo decided to bring it back. Thankyou guys for giving back my childhood.

Here is the final product. Mr. Panda and Popper's Penguin. I can see my self collecting this guys. They are just so adorable don't you think? Mr. Panda and Penguin looks good together. Maybe they are best friends? I hope they are.

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